Whats going on with lark books?

Anyone out there know whats going on with Lark Books? I can’t find
their call for submission page any longer. Have they stopped making
new books?

I have a piece in their new book “500 Handmade Books vol. 2”.

I have called and emailed (several times) about getting copies for
friends and have had no response.

My understanding is that I get a discount because I have a piece in
the book, but I can’t get any response from them.

Also I have called and emailed about the missing call for
submissions page with no response.

Does anyone have any info about them?
Carl Stanley

I find the submission page under larkcrafts dot com…


Isn’t everyone in the States having a forced holiday at the moment?

It does happen now and then that there aren’t any calls for
submission on their site. These things go in cycles. They could be
busy printing the books they’re working on now.


What number are you calling and to whom are you asking to speak? I
do book reviews for them and we are in touch frequently.

Ray Wenneker