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What would you call it?

In addition to the handcrafted jewellery that I make, I sell mass
produced jewellery that is stamped or cast. The mass produced
jewellery is not something that I design it is commercially
available from wholesalers.

I have always had trouble coming up with a name for the mass
produced jewellery. I need a description to use with my customers,
that differentiates it from the hand crafted work that I do. I have
used such tems as factory made, machine made, production jewellery

Any suggestions?

Milt Fischbein
Calgary Alberta


I just can’t help it! How about “Trinkets for the Natives”? I tend
to use the same term for diamonds too. The attitude there tends
towards “Ho hum, another white stone”. Maybe I ought to go back to my
morning nap. Yes, I realize that you are being serious but I just
could not let this one go by.

Bill Churlik

Perhaps instead of trying to find a name for the other pieces, just
be sure that your own originals are clearly defined. There has
already been much discussion here about what words are proper and
legal in what countries to describe your work, but that is not the
point here. The few of my pieces that are in the store I work from
are marked as ‘Forrest Design Originals’. Some are one of a kind,
some are production pieces of my own design that I create the
originals of and have molds and castings made. In all cases, I do
final assembly, modification and finishing work. As I get the time
to make more one of a kind pieces, I will be sure to differentiate
those from my own production pieces as well. By emphasizing your own
work, and finding ways to describe it, you are also uplifting your
own pieces without making the production pieces you sell from other
sources seem inferior. After all, you have chosen the pieces to sell
even if they aren’t your own work, and presumably they reflect your
own feelings toward quality of workmanship.


Milt F. How about “one of a series of 50” or how about a limited
edition of 100(pick a number) you are the really selling the truth, a
limited edition makes the client think of purchasing a ‘production
run’ and never to produced again…just like paintings! “this is a
numbered edition of 27 world-wide, from only 118”… do you like
this idea??? Gerry!

Massively Made by Modern Machinery?

Karen Christians
50 Guinan St.
Waltham, MA 02451
Ph. 781/891-3854 Fax 3857
Jewelry/Metalarts School & Cooperative Studio

In deciding what to call different lines of items, I encourage you
to think about what motivates the customer. Generally speaking,
people buy jewelry for three reasons: 1) personal adornment, 2)
status symbol, 3) investment. People buy the manufactured items for
personal adornment based on styles and colors. People buy your hand
wrought items more as staus symbols based on the fact that you made


I would call it commercially available, or even imported if that is


  I need a description to use with my customers, that
differentiates it from the hand crafted work that I do 

how about calling the source of ready-made jewelry your ‘helping
hands line’: you are, you explain, helping the suppliers in an
emerging area/country build local economy by buying their product so
you can give your customers a price break - (that way they save
enough to buy your original hand crafted work too) just a suggestion

life is never too short to enjoy at least one ‘grand passion’ or ever long
enough to forget it.

What a terrific, truthful, simple idea that can be used for any
unique set of ideas. Thanks Gerry