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What tools did you get for Christmas

I got a rolling mill, an F/X wheel, and some stones, exactly what I
wanted most-- because I bought them for myself. 

This is a good way of doing things – you get exactly what you want,
and it is delightful. I got a new drill and a new Dremel-type tool.
My wonderful husband’s part in this is that he made me go out and buy
new ones, rather than my trying to repair the really, really old ones
that stopped working.

I also wanted to get a rolling mill before the year ended (too late
for that). I e-mailed Kenneth Singh about the Pepe brand, but
received no response. My husband and I are going to New York City in
mid-January – can anyone recommend where to shop for the best
variety of rolling mills? I just don’t want to spring for a Durston,
since I would only give the mill light and occasional use. But I
also don’t want a mini-mill because I want longer (wider?) rollers. I
plan to go to Metalliferous, perhaps to Allcraft, anyhow.

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman


I also wanted to get a rolling mill before the year ended (too
late for that). I e-mailed Kenneth Singh about the Pepe brand, but
received no response. 

Kenneth may be out of town. You should also check out his store,
46th St. Jewelry, very close to Metalliferous.

Joel Schwalb

We got ourselves a rolling mill for ourselves for Christmas. I
believe Mr. Singh is not around just now as we were in his shop on
Wednesday and he was unavailable. We found a large number and 3
brands of reasonably priced rolling mills at Zak Jewelry Tools on 55
W 47th St. on the second floor. We hadn’t planned on affording the
Durston, but the price made it reasonable for us to do so. It weighs
over 30 kilos, so we had it shipped and it arrived the next day in

Unfortunately Metalliferous was closed that week and Allcraft would
have been nice, but we had only from 11:00 until 5:00 in town, and it
was quite a distance.


I received an item I have been eyeing up for a while now. Over the
past 2 years I have been trying to add some Lapidary skills to my
repetoire. Revitalizing old equipment was slow going & looking to be
cost prohibitive for me. So was purchasing new Lapidary equipment!

So much to my enjoyment, my Dad gave me a All-In-Wonder Lapidary
machine for Christmas. It will take me from sawing to trimming to
cabbing, all on one machine! It does have it’s limitations, such as
the saw will only slab material up to about 2" thick. But then, I
have lots of rough Gemstone material that size.

The machine came as a complete ready to set up shop with Diamond
Laps of assorted grits, polishing powder for final polish, water drip
system, variable speed motor, saw blade, etc.

One of the things I really enjoy about this machine, is it’s
footprint. It only takes about 1 foot of space! Which is great for me
in my small shop. I can even use it on my kitchen table (very
portable) without having to bolt it down. It is 3 machines in one. I
can set up the Saw, do a bunch of slab sawing, change the top & put
on the Grinder to prep all of my preforms, switch over to the flat
lap to finish all of the Cabs.

Can you tell I am excited with the possibilities this has opened up
for me? Of course, I am easily amused!

Happy New Year!


Hello Orchidland,

Well, my hubby said he wasn’t going to buy me any tools. Bummer.
Since I’ve lost enough weight that my slacks don’t fit, we went
clothes shopping. Bummer. I’d rather have had a little Fordam bench
motor and some FX wheels. Oh well, when I get gussied up, I’ll look
smashing in Tucson!

Judy in Kansas


Kenneth Singh at his 46th St. Jewelry Supply, also carries Rolling
Mills. He must be away, as I also await a reply from him.