What to wear in our shop?

We are talking about trying to find something that all of the
goldsmiths in our shop can wear to both give some continuity and
keep everyone happy. Up to this point we have been a t-shirt and
jeans shop (which I prefer), but in the coming months the whole shop
will become visible to customers so we’re considering other options.
We are thinking about something they can put on over their t-shirt
and jeans when they get to work. My question is, what apron like
"work covering" (don’t know what else to call it) do people like to
wear? Don’t those denim aprons get warm?

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


How about T-shirts decorated with a logo or name of the store, and
pictures of some jewelry?

My question is, what apron like "work covering" (dont know what
else to call it) do people like to wear? Dont those denim aprons
get warm? 

Many years ago I worked for a large jewellery house. We had clients
in the shop all the time. The shop tour was one of the selling
tools. We wore shirt and tie all the time. While at the bench, we
wore light blue smocks and away from the bench, jacket was a must.
That is the traditional dress code.

Leonid Surpin

Up to this point we have been a t-shirt and jeans shop (which I
prefer), but in the coming months the whole shop will become
visible to customers so were considering other options. 

T shirts dont have to be overly casual looking. Think of the many
sorts of shops where the “uniform” is a printed T shirt. Since
people are already comfortable with that attire, why not have some
nice pocket Ts printed up with the shop logo or some other suitable
and not overdone design, perhaps on a darker color T… Or a step up
to a Polo sort of style… Not something youd wear over a T, rather
everyone could have a few of their own in the right size for them.
Aprons can be useful especially for keeping other clothes clean when
doing things like polishing, or the like, but not everyone likes
them. In our shop we used to have a towel service that along with
shop towels, also delivered and when needed, laundered, blue cotton
shop aprons. Some of us used them, others did not… I found the
cord behind my neck bothersome, and the aprons didnt come far enough
up to really protect a shirt anyway. Good for catching things falling
in my lap, but Ive a bench pan for that already. For better
protection against dirt, such as in polishing, theres also a kind of
wrap around shop coat where it goes on like a loose jacket, but the
front sides are longer, with ties, so the two sides crisscross across
your front, with the ties being tied in the back, like an apron. You
can spend the day buffing in one of these, and keep the dress shirt
and tie underneath, nice and clean. Theyre hotter though. Not a lot,
but some.


We took care of that problem a while back.

Kaki pants
Polo or oxford shirts with our logo

No tennis shoes, sorry

David S. Geller

I bought the denim apron from Rio that is designed by Jay Whaley,
and is fire resistant. Pretty decent apron (not really designed for
short folks like me! and I would do the pockets a bit differently,
but decent.). I live in SC, and my studio was only air conditioned
this summer, and the apron is light enough that it really does not
get too hot…

Other idea would be to have t-shirts or polo shirts made in the shop
colors with shop logo. Keep the jeans. The same shirt/same color
would give you the consistency

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio


Mark-For many years my husband Tim and I worked at a fancy-schmancy
jewelry store. We both have full body japanese style tattoos. We wore
long sleeved white doctor/lab coats.

I loved it. I never had to worry about what I was going to wear to
work, and folks treated me with more respect.

I looked like a medical figure of authority to them. My words of
advice were taken much more seriously.

We always kept one clean white coat on a hanger to wear downstairs
as our working lab coast got very dirty.

Have fun, and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer

In my store/shop, I opt to wear whatever I chose with a clean, black
apron over it and my apron has a small name tag made in gold that I
made for myself, along with my JA Cert. pin and another pin I earned
for teaching at a local school. All are tasteful and small lapel
pins. My black apron is washed regularly and doesnt show dirt and
wear as visible as other colors. Most days I wear a white shirt under
it, or black or blue, I dress professionally and occasionally on
Fridays I will wear nice denim jeans and after holidays I wear a bit
more casual clothes to reflect the climate of my clients, I relax a
bit when they do - yet I always have the black apron on.

An idea can be to have custom monogrammed aprons for everyone with
the store name or logo or the employees name on a few aprons, so
there is always one to wash and one to have clean and ready to wear.

Its simple, it doesnt compromise an employees comfort level in
personal choices in dress and it sends a message to your customers,
you are professional.


I like my black leather aprons, unfortunately I cant find more.
Gives an authoritative image I think, easy to clean. I bought out the
remaining inventory of my supplier, have to find another source.

Blue denim says “me too” instead of “Right here”.

Lab coat would be a possibility but the sleeves get in the way,
could make good presentation though.

For many years I wore a tie at the bench, I felt it really helped
close expensive work orders.

I do not find the denim apron to be too warm to wear in summer. It is
not the heaviest denim. These aprons might look nicer in a special
color for your shop, though, maybe with the shop name and even the
smiths name on it. Id suggest handing a well-designed apron to your
best sewer and having him/her make a set. Caution: use 100% cotton,
NOT a blend that has synthetics in it. It is nice if an apron has an
adjustable neck length, BTW.


Mark -

I wanted to present a professional appearance to my customers. But I
HATE dressing in uncomfortable clothes or shoes. So I found a
cross-tied smock from an automotive/service wear company online. Very
affordable, comes in several colors. I had the smocks embroidered by
a local seamstress with my name on the front and company name on the
back. At a resale shop I bought several pairs of hospital scrub
trousers. Theres a locker in my shops back hallway that I keep
stocked with t-shirts.

When I come to work, Im dressed however I please. Before I open the
doors, I change into my uniform, and wear my super-comfy shoes that I
keep there just for work. Then at the end of the day, if I havent
made a mess of the smock, I can just hang everything up, take the
t-shirt home for the laundry, and leave the shop dressed how I want.

I had a career in the Army before this, so having a uniform works for
me. I think it makes my customers more inclined to trust me, too.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon

You might try lab coats. They come in a variety of colors and light
materials, they will keep whatever is worn under them relatively
clean (and mostly invisible,) and they convey a nice professional


Have you been to a good quilt fabric shop lately? There are many
beautiful lightweight but sturdy cottons to choose from like those
great batiks. It doesn’t take long to cut out and sew up an apron.
Give it a turned up bottom edge to catch stones and some pockets for
sales aids etc.

Tricia Knox

small name tag made in gold that I made for myself, along with my
JA Cert. pin 

I like the idea of the self-made nametags. Professionalism and
creativity combined!!