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What to pay for scrap?

I am curious about what people pay for scrap from a client who is
having a custom piece made. People always seem to have old rings and
broken chains they want to “trade in”. I take it in more as a favor
instead of sending them to a pawn shop to sell it

Dexter, Oregon

Up here in this city of Toronto, any “take-in” stuff that is used
for re-cycling has just one flat price…of $4-5.00 per gram, no more
and no less. From this, are the “reclaiming” fees, service charges
with a minimum fee and taxes forth. Who knows what amount of solder
is contained mixture of alloy from the casting process and the
residue could be only so little from that take-in gold?..(pittance),
but collectively it could be a substantial amount over the length of
one year.