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What to do if I can't find Gold casters

Hi all,

For the longest i’ve been wanting to get into the business. I finally learned and was able to get the breakdown and such.

However my biggest obstacle that i’m facing before starting is that I cannot find jewelry gold casting/polishing/diamond setting bench workers in California Bay Area (SF)
I’ve drove around for weeks, went to different places that had stores and such but nothing came out of them. Are there casting services that anyone is aware of? or what’s the best way to go about this

For casting I use Fancy Jewelry in Union Square. Website is nothing special, but Anthony is friendly, very experienced, fair and relatively fast. His nephew does a good job with any 3D printing needs. Good Luck!

Hi Jeff,

Thank you so much for your response. Your response is giving me hope that I can actually pursue something like this.
I did want to see if you have any people to refer me to for polishing? I believe Fancy Jewelry, Razmig will be great for casting/diamond setting!

I don’t have any experience with them regarding polishing, but I’m sure Fancy Jewelry would be capable of it (or point you to someone in the area). To find someone who “specializes” in the polishing, there are still loads of jewelry companies in the Flood and Bong buildings on Market. They are mostly old school (poor web representation), but could probably be found with a bit of effort (or just walk the halls).