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What should one expect from a cadcam artist?

Do you try to have one semi local or do you use one halfway across
the country?

Do you expect them to call you when they get to different segments
of the design or do you follow up when you think they should be
completed with each segment?

When do you pay them? A deposit in the beginning? In full in the end?

What is a normal turn around time from the concept to actual wax?

I have one that I have been working with but I am not sure of the
proper protocol and thought that any input other than my own would
be beneficial to me and my clients in the future.

Thanks for the input in advance.

Angela Hampton Hampton
House Jewelry

Hi Angela,

There’s no hard and fast rule, but payment when job completion seems
to be the most common method I’ve found.

This way if there are any problems the artist can fix it before you

Payment by the end of the month are the terms I usually deal with.

Regards Charles A.

I have been doing CAD design for close to 12 years. The initial
meeting is the most important, whether it be on the phone or in
person. I don’t know what kind of designs you are getting but many
designs will not take long enough to warrant back and forth
discussion. I would rather sit down, finish a design then get
opinions on it.

What are you having designed?

Kevin Hilderbrand