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What makes it high-end?

Hi folks,

What exactly makes a piece of jewelry qualify as high-end? Or is
that more a subjective call on the part of its creator?

Thanks as always!

Hi Carol:

Most of the jewelry that I know of that is considered high-end is
Schiaparelli. The company was started by Elsa Schiaparelli in the
early 1920’s. I would say that a lot of the high end jewelry would
qualify with names like: YSL, Christian Dior, Chanel, and

I have seen Schiaparelli brooches retail for $150.00 and up. If you
want a demi-parure then the price could be as much as $350-400 and

At lot of times I think you are just paying for a name. A lot of
people like to say “Oh I own a Schiap, or I own a pair of Chanel
earrings.” I think the name has a lot to do with it.

What is your opinion on this Orchidians??


I’m sure it’s a mixture of things…the type of work/skill
involved, the materials, if the designer is known, marketing and in
general demand I would think.

Jeanne Rhodes Moen
Kristiansand, Norway

Quality both in materials and workmanship… The rest is marketing
and semantics…


Right on Tina! Of course the name has lots to do with it. Just as
an “address” has mucho to do with cost of real estate. A couple of
blocks difference, and for the same house, the price can double. This
"brand name" fixation has pervaded every arena of our living. When my
sons were little they wanted “Hang Ten” T-shirts which cost twice as
much as regular ones. When I offered to buy them but take off the
logo, they lost interest. Why do you think the “rip off” market
thrives so well? I also believe this to be true in the painting arena

  • I must say that while Rembrandt was a remarkable painter, not every
    thing he put his brush to was a winner, but today everything he ever
    painted is out of sight pricewise. Sadly, this name recognition
    often comes at the price of death and the originator never gets to
    enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Still one must give credit where it is
    due, and I don’t think that things become collectable without merit -
    either design qualities or materials (carved ivory comes to mind) or


I have always thought of high end jewelry as being equal to high
quality jewelry, the name of the designer means little to me.
superlight castings, low quality gems, I3 diamonds, settings that
are so thin that gems will not stay tight. We have all repaired
something like that! but how often have you repaired a high end
piece by comparison? So to me Quality equals high end.

my two cents, Jerry