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What keeps Orchid on line?


Maybe this is not the right place for this, but I figure if the
"POWERS THAT BE" don’t like it they won’t pass it along.

While I belonged to Orchid some years ago, I have just recently
rejoined and have benefited greatly from the advice that some of the
members have given me concerning questions that I have asked. It
occurred to me that perhaps we don’t take enough time to think about
how Orchid has been a benefit and what it is worth to us not only
financially but also for answers to those impossible questions.

If you, too, have benefited from the that you have
received here, either as a participant or as a lurker, why not send
in $20 o $50 to keep the network financially healthy. They informed
me that the Thai banking system does not allow him to receive credit
card payments over the internet.

Therefore, if you want, you can send a personal check or a bank
draft, payable to Dr. E. Aspler. at:

Dr. E. Aspler
BS Building #4
14-16 Soi Intamara 42
Sutisarn Rd, Huay Kwang,
Thailand 10320

Yours for a stronger and healthy organization.

Steve Foster

PS Thank you Hanuman, and all the others who contribute their time.

Thanks for this I was wondering where to send a
donation and now I know. I will send my contribution out tomorrow
(Monday). It’s not a big one, but I hope it will show my
appreciation for this forum.

Linda Gertsch
Infinity Jewelry
Saranac Lake, NY 12983