What Jewelry Men Wear

OK, so I’m not a man. Stop reading if you think I know nothing
about the subject.

At his last birthday, I made my son (30 years) a necklace. Now, it
was nothing feminine, but rather a gift that was a combined
understanding of who he was and my current occupation (bead
purveyor.) It was a simple strand of fancy jasper tubes (black and
moss green) with some black onyx and sterling silver beads in
between. Any beginner could do it (and that’s what I am when it
comes to the creation of jewelry - for sure.)

However, he cannot wear rings because of his work, and the body
piercing stuff is problematic too - same reason. Nobody likes
getting their nose or ear stuck on a bolt or a piece of metal
protruding from a car body.

He told me that ever since he started wearing the necklace (which
caused no problem in his work) the “girls” were really much more
interested in him and that things in that arena had turned around
from that point forward.

No, I did not “put a spell on it.” However, it does indicate that
wearing jewelry is a form of self expression that causes
conversation. Things like “mom made this for me” or “this is fancy
jasper, black onyx, and sterling silver” or “mom sells this stuff for
a living” - whatever.

Isn’t self expression one of the main reasons we try to look unique
or wear something that says who we are? It allows us to make our own
statement to others that helps them decide whether we are someone
they want to know or not. If men are just now starting to wear
jewelry, you will have a hard time explaining all those pictures of
royalty in the history books - bedecked with crowns, necklaces,
rings, etc. etc.

So, all you great artists who find a way to express yourselves that
the rest of us can identify with or wish we were like, go for it!
It’s all part of what makes this old world go around. Ain’t it
grand, and fun too?

Sun Country Gems

Let’s Seeeee… When I was younger, ( 18 -19 years old) I used to
make bracelets/rings for myself in sterling with very large cabs,
amethyst, jadeite, opal… etc. ( This was in the late 60’s early
70’s). Everytime Imade one, it got sold off my wrist within a few
days… so I had a constantly changing group of rings /bracelets
back then.

Lately, I wear a 24k gold 3 oz chain under my shirt and My wedding
band.( Thai Influence on the gold chain… )

Daniel Grandi