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What I've learned since I got my GIA diplomas

Hello, GIA’s publication Loope’s Fall Issue is online only. My
profile is published toward the end; page 45.

Fatma Oya Borahan, known as Oya to her friends and students,
began her professional life as an artist who painted on silk,
creating scenes from nature such as delicate flowers and birds,
as well as portraits. Her interest soon extended to scarves,
blouses and similar pieces of clothing, but it was her initial
concentration on scarf accessories that led to her work with
silver and gold jewelry. “When I wanted to utilize I
realized I didn’t know anything about them,” Borahan says. “So
I decided to learn gemology.” She enrolled in a Distance
Education course with GIA in 1992, a decision she describes as
"the best decision I could have made in relation to my
educational life." Borahan, who is a native of Turkey,
the Distance Education courses as the most difficult form of
learning for her. “I consider my biggest accomplishments the
diplomas I received when I completed my correspondence
courses,” she says. “You must also take into account the fact
that English is not my native tongue.”…

I hope you would like to read it.

Kind regards, F. Oya Borahan GG. FGA. DGA.