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What is your choice of bronze?


I went. I looked. I ooohed! What I call you are is good.

I would like to talk with you about bronze casting sometime. I am
just starting to move towards that now that the furnace is up and
running. I am doing small bronze clasps for my sister who does the
Ren Faires. Lost wax is no problem as I have been doing gold and
silver for quite a while now.

What is your choice of bronze?

Bill Churlik

Bill: years ago in large bread loaf size ingots and cut it up in one
lb pieces and then melted it in my blast furnace and poured the
granules. It works ok for me but the castings have to be cooled slow
and I cool them in a 3 lb coffee can with play ground sand from Home
Depot. I heat the button with a torch to red hot and then cover with
sand and let cool slow till the next day.

Yours: Billy S. Bates
I use Silica bronze I bought it several

Bill, thanks. Sorry though I do not cast anything. I fabricate
everything, either by welding or hammering, well some soldering.
The only bronzes that I have used is silicone bronze because it
hammers pretty nice.

Warren Townsend

Trenton, MI 48183

Stuller carries two types of bronze for casting. They are sold by
the pound and are supplied in 1/2" x 1/2" x 1" cubes, for convenient
melting when casting:

Silicon Bronze: A true bronze containing zinc and silicon

Herculoy: Similar to Silicon Bronze, but formulated to provide a 14K
yellow color.

When I worked for Swest, we sold more of the Herculoy, as it
provides more of a “gold” color.

Note that Stuller will sell metals, tools, and supplies to all. You
don’t have to have a jewelry store to buy these product lines from

James Gilbert
Stuller Metals