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What is sticky paste

I was watching a Stone Setting Video on Ganoksin, they used “Sticky
Paste”? What is Sticky Paste and where do I buy it?


It is probably also know as disclosing wax, or touch up wax. Actually
any wax like bee’s wax will do. Just lightly heat the object, and
melt a light covering of wax over the setting area and let it cool.
Then lay your stones in your lay out with the table side down and
mark your spots. TA DAAAA! (I’ve always wanted to say that.) LOL.

P.S. One can use Chap Stick or other lip balms also. Anything to
hold the stones temporarily in the spot to be marked.

it’s called sticky wax…available at a jewelers supply or dental
supply - even drugstores have it in the dental section for braces -to
prevent cutting lips and gums…rer