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What is solucar?

O.K. Orchidians—do any of you know what solucar is, and where one
can get it??? I got out some of my old notes on wax casting and in
it is the recommendation that solucar be used in place of
plasticene to hold stones in place while making a wax model. I
don’t cast with the stone in place, but merely hold the stone in
place while I build up the wax around it. I tried to get solucar
(I’m not sure of the spelling), at our local art supply place, but
they never heard of it.). I am not sure if it is a clay like
substance or a water soluble wax. Please help. I have been using
plasticene and it is a pain to dig it all out when the model is
completed. Thanks a heap. Alma

beeswax or modeling clay works, both are soft, easy to remove. the
modeling clay comes in colors, easy to see what to remove.
richard in denver

You might be looking for Sol-u-core wax. It is a water soluble wax.
It is listed in the Swest catalog. Stuller may have it.

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