What is bezel roller?

Judy, (or others,) what is a “bezel roller” and where can one be
purchased? Don’t remember seeing such an animal in any of the
catalogues. Probably didn’t know what I was looking at.

Rene Roberts

Rene, you can find a bezel pusher/roller on page 189 of Rio
Grand’s newest tool catalog. Item number 113-030 for 8.45
each…comes in a kit with three tools. Check it out.

Regards, Kelly

A bezel roller is a small tool with a flat metal piece attached
to a wood handle. The metal piece is curved. You place it
against the bezel and with a rocking motion, press the bezel
down. They do carry them in the Rio Grande catalog. I believe
they come in a 2-piece set with a bezel pusher and something

Dear Rene A bezel roller looks like a hammerhead shark on a
handle…any tool supplier will have them look under bezel
roller or stone setting sometimes offered in a kit with a prong
pusher OR Tim McCrieght ( SP? ) has plans for the construction
in " THE COMPLETE METALSMITH " hope this helps… Ron

gesswein, rio grande, and most tool supplies have traditional
bezel rollers(which look like a splayed-out rounded prong
pusher) but there are newer rotary ones for the flexshaft that
look like a roller bearing on a stick. check your local dental
crown shop-they call them margin rollers Donal