What is a water torch?


Well if you had the money a water torch comes to mind not
explosive but costly 

Excuse my ignorance, but what is a water torch?.

Many thanks

Water torch ahhh I dream of it lol no affiliation and there are other
brands I believe but this explains it


  How does it work? 

  The Aqua Torch provides a flame that maintains a consistent
  level of heat and pinpoint accuracy. Each torch is equipped
  with assorted tips for varying flame sizes. The size of the
  flame is regulated by eight interchangeable tips. The clean,
  burning flame creates a strong joint with no carbon deposits.
  The Aqua Torch is able to generate enough gas to fuel two
  torches operating simultaneously. Temperatures can be
  controlled from approximately 2,192F to 5972F. 

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I have known this as a Microweld, and have been using one for the
last 15 years or so, I have only ever used M.E.K. in it though. What
does everyone else use ? Just another question, How often do you get
them serviced ?

Neil KilBane,

Dear Mr. KilBane:

I am with a firm which manufacturers a larger, multicell unit
(www.spirig.com) but can answer your questions. The following
booster fluids can be safely used and will produce the temperatures

Pure Hydrogen / Oxygen = 3,300 degrees C or 5,972 degrees F.
Methanol = 2,700 degrees C or 4,892 degrees F.
Isopropanol = 2,500 degrees C or 4,532 degrees F.
M. E. K. = 1,700 degrees C or 3,092 degrees F.
Acetone = 1,500 degrees C or 2,732 degrees F.

These booster fluids are totally consumed within the flame. The
cooler the flame the wider, and softer, “bushier” the flame will be.
If you wanted to use just Hydrogen/Oxygen gas you would have to run
water in the booster system to protect against flashbacks, although
not all water welder booster fluid systems are designed as redundant
flashback systems so you would have to contact your units mfg. for
their specific advise. For servicing, which I believe is twice a year
for this unit, but you can do yourself, please contact:

Microweld, 39 Bute Street, Eccles, Salford, Lancashire, M50 1DU, UK.

If we can be of any additional help or answer any other questions
within this area, please feel free to contact me directly at any of
the contact points listed below.

Best Regards,

Gary W. Miller
Sr. Technical Advisor
35 Bronson Road
Stratford, CT 06614-3654 U. S. A.
Telephone: 800 499 9933/203 378 5216
Fax: 203 386 1346
Web site: www.spirig.com