What is a Fion?

Yes, this is wonderful! Thank you so much! One more question, what
is a fion? I am still relatively new to all this so your help is
invaluable! Shael

A Fion is basically a series of highly polished rounded spikes let
into a brass base. Setters use it to make there beading tools. They
tap the beading tool on to one of the spikes to give a bright
indentation. To get one as large as you need you would most probably
have to improvise as they don’t usually make them that big these days.
If you were making smaller rivets it might be handy but it certainly
is not necessary. I am sorry I should not have mentioned it as it is
only clouding the issue. We just made our own to suit the job at the
time, a smooth ball bur finish would be fine.


For larger sizes, ball bearing balls can be had in many sizes, They
are both hard and shiney. My local Ace hardware has some sizes. For a
larger selection, I go to Bearing Engineering in Emeryville, CA. Look
in the phone book under bearings.

Hi Shael A fion is what we call in English a beading tool plate,
setters use it to reshape their beading tools. Fion is the name we use
in french for this tool. Vincent Guy Audette