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What is a anvil pillow

I am taking a Etching and metals course at the bead and button show.
One of the items I am supposed to bring is an Anvil Pillow. Not sure
what one is, not in any of my catalogs.

A sand bag to place anvil. You can imagine the racket with all the
classmates pounding on the anvil on wooden table tops.

Someone mentioned placing a magnet on the side of the anvil also
reduces the sound. I have never tried this. If someone has tried the
magnet let us know if it is good or better than the anvil pillow.

What filling do you use. Is play sand good enough and material of
the pillow is leather any better than the soft Vinyl.

Kenneth Singh

could they mean a 6" Sandbag, Rio grande Item Number: 112502

Description: This sandbag conforms to the contour of your workpiece
to provide a base or work surface when forming, chasing, stamping or
engraving. no affiliation found it under anvils