What I did over the Orchid vacation

Maybe it was just a matter of coincidental timing but I for one was
glad that Hanuman took a little break. I had been planning to
rearrange my shop for about 6 months and so while Orchid was
off-line I busied myself moving benches, my anvil, rolling mill and
safe. Now I’ll have to update my shop photo, but I think I will
need to wait for a few months (weeks…OK, days) before I take a
picture of it as it is entirely too clean right now.

Before, my safe was in front of the only door to the outside. I
liked it that way at first because it made me feel more safe. But
over the last couple of years it has really bugged me that I
couldn’t see out my door when it was nice. I didn’t want to put a
window in as it would have been more of a security problem.

I also had intended from the first day I put in my shop to put up
shelves all around the walls of the studio but I didn’t realize that
the shop really needed to be torn apart to do it correctly and
efficiently. So, that was another good reason to rearrange my

The worst part of all was arranging for the safe mover to come. Now
that it is all over I have been told by the local expert on such
matters that the studio has much better Feng Shui. Now that Orchid
is back online, I am ready for my old work routine to start up

So, what did everyone else do during their Orchid vacation?