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What fuel should I use for soldering?

Hello everyone! Bonjour � tous! At school, I learned to solder with a
combination of natural gas and oxygen, which was great. In my
workshop though, I can’t use this combo because there is no gas line
connected to the building.

At first, I bought a soldering kit that used acetylene and oxygen,
but it’s too strong for my purposes. I didn’t use it ten times
because of that - by the way, my kit’s for sale (see end of message).

Now, I’m looking for a new soldering kit that would fit my needs. At
first, I thought of buying an acetylene/air kit, but some people told
me that black fumes came out of the flame (like when you light an
acetylene/oxygen torch before mixing the gas with oxygen), and some
other told me the opposite.

What’s the truth about it?

I’d like to work with an acetylene/air torch because the heat
comparison between that and a natural gas/oxygen torch is similar.

If you have an answer, or other suggestions, please contact me. I’m
not equipped for casting, so I don’t necessarily need a gas/oxygen
combination. My workshop being at home, I’m restricted in the oxygen

See you!!

I have an acetylene/air torch and have never had a problem with black
fumes. I’ve been using it for close to 8 years.


There is no black soot that comes from the air-acetylene torch. It’s
an excellent torch for silver work. The oxyacetylene torches do make
the black stuff.

Marilyn Smith

Marilyn , The sooting from oxy acetelene comes from a carbarizing
flame , a neutral flame creates no soot , and an oxidizing flame will
introduce too much oxygen to the surfaces being heated .