What do you bolt your Neycraft Spincaster down to?

As per the title, I’m having a hard time finding something to bolt one down to. I don’t want to buy a Neycraft Spincaster until I find out how to do that!

So what did you bolt yours down to? I probably don’t have access to a heavy duty table or anything like that.

It seems that because of this factor alone that vacuum casting may be the more hassle free way to cast?

Makes me think of a YT video I have watched. The person had filled the lower part of an oil barrel with stones and concrete. The spincaster has been attached onto the concrete, leaving an appropriate height as splash-guard.

The barrel gave a great mass to keep forces in check when casting, at the same time could be moved around (rolling on the rim) when not needed.

Looked like a great solution to me.

Mine is bolted to a wooden stool which had a chain and turnbuckle on the bottom that connects and tensions to an iBolt in the floor.

I use a 35 gallon garbage can from any big box. Fill the bottom with rock. and kind of spin it around to settle them in. Leave room for concrete. Cut 2 boards of 4 x 4 on anything like that. Mix and fill concrete sink the boards to their top surface. I’ve used short tree stumps instead of boards too. The important part is to make sure there is board where the mounting holes are, and that the boards are level. It will last decades.

I’m definitely an advocate of vacuum casting. You’re going to need a vacuum pump for investing anyway. Check out Craig Dabler’s vacuum invest/cast in DIY Casting. Personally I would put my money into a programmer or programmable burn out oven and a programmable electromelt. I believe that with a little practice and proper sprueing and treeing the waxes that this would yield consistently excellent castings. You can make do with less - torch melt, manually control burn out.
Good luck

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In 1975 when I bought my first spin casting machine I did what has been suggested here: galvanized trash can, several bags of stone or sand for ballast. Board with machine mounted with long bolts embedded in cement poured on top of the stone or sand. Viola! Casting setup.
What is your house made of? You could probably set your machine on a 1&3/4” thick piece of bench top and anchor it to the studs or other structure in the wall - make sure it can swing freely…
Line the wall with non flammable material like cement backer board.
What volume of metal are you going to cast; more than an ounce?

Thanks for your replies! My burnout oven is small and can only handle 3.5x4. so right now I’ve just been casting single pieces using steam casting at no more than a few grams.