What do I need for a wholesale show?

This is not specifically a jewelry question, but I hope that
it’s relevant enough to justify some feedback. I can sure use the

This February I’m doing the Baltimore ACC show for the first
time. I’m doing both wholesale and retail. I’ve done many retail
shows and have that routine down fairly well, and I sell some
wholesale to a scattering of shops which have gotten interested
in my stuff by seeing it at retail shows.

HOWEVER, I suspect that I need some different (or more)
handouts, order forms, contracts, etc. to be ready for even the
little bit of business I expect to do. (My Eastern European
heritage leads me to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised
if the actual experience is better!)

I’ll say right off the bat that I haven’t gone to any of the
standard crafts business books yet, and that is probably
necessary. I would really appreciate any concrete or subjective
observations about doing a wholesale show versus a retail one,
and even about Baltimore if that’s not going to create political
difficulties in the list!

Amy Karash
Fine Craft Bead Work
Wayne, PA

Hi Amy I am in the same boat! I will be at my first wholesale
show in Feb. at the Philly Buyers Market. I got tons of my
questions answered from Wendy Rosens book “Crafting as a
Business” available at Barnes and Noble. Almost too much info
for those of us type A’s that need to get it all perfect! Good
luck-email me off list and we’ll share insights!