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What digital weighing scale do you use?


I’ve been using the tanita 1497v for months now, but I find it
inaccurate. According to tests its accuracy is only +/- 0.4g And it
also has battery problems, if you are low on battery, the reader
fluctuates to more than 5gms.

If anyone could advise a really good digital weighing scale with +/-
0.01g accuracy, an AC adaptor, recalibration and good build. I would
really appreciate it.

Thank you,


I have had two scales over the last 10 yrs The first was an Ohaus. I
don’t remember the model number, but it looked a lot like the Ohaus
Emerald in the current Rio Catalogue. It worked very well for many
years. Weights were repeatable and stable. Unfortunately after about
7 years of use, some of the LEDs burnt out. I replaced the Ohaus with
a GemOro Platinum 600SS Pocket scale. I am not at all happy with this
scale. Readings are very unstable and unrepeatable and float around
+/- 0.3 grams. Also, the batteries last for a very short time. I
would not recommend this scale. I was thinking of getting another
Ohaus, but am now looking forward to the recommendations from this
forum before I decide.


The only weigh scale I have been using for years is “Acculab, Model
333” It is a battery 9V operated and as well electricity. Cheap as
anything to operate and used daily in my office!..

Gerry Lewy!

I’m looking at this product for reviews, has anyone had personal
experience with My Weigh Palmscale 8 300?


I’ve been buying my digital scales off Ebay for the last 7 years or
so, and all of them have been pretty good. I find it ironic that my
$125 digital scale from Gesswein was so tempermental, I had to weight
as much as 4- 6 times to get a good read, while the cheap $10 scales
were pretty darn accurate with just one weighing. I still have my
very battered scale from 6 years ago and I just bought more cheap
scales for several schools so that I don’t have to keep bringing my
scale along. As long as the digital scale works, and that you are
good at replacing the batteries, the scales work just fine. Now they
can go up to 1000 grams instead of 500 grams. My new one can weigh
1000 grams while the old, battered one is only 500 grams ( looks
pretty sad and lonely in my toolbox).