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What are the non-lapidary uses of a slant lap?

I think of a lap - either flat or slant - as a lapidary tool. But
I’ve recently seen two vendors who serve the “jewelry district” trade
offering models equipped with metal dust recovery features. So I’m
curious - what else are they used for?

Basically it is used as a split lap for getting perfectly flat
surfaces. The lap is felt and has open sections so you can see the
work piece as it is being polished.

Google Jooltool. That will give you websites with info on many
differentuses of a specific brand that has multiple uses.

I do a lot of filing, shaping and sharpening on my SC lapidary
expansion wheels. Less on the laps, but I have used the diamond laps
to polish my hammer head faces and even sharpened kitchen knives on
them. I guess it depends on how often you want to replace them. We
don’t talk about lapidary topics on Orchid much. Rob