What are druzies?

goldmaker wrote:

    God, I sure miss you people. I've been away. It has been
    lonely opening the internet and no messages.How many of us
    are there anyway?I've been making wonderful pieces out of
    druzies(i think i spelled it right) i'm working on a peach
    colored druzie as we speak. i should have a web page up and
    running by mid january. anyway, druzies are so much fun to
    play with. I used 18k yellow and white along with some
    funkie cut ruby baggettes..most fun. -- MZE

hi there, - what are druzies, - tell me more about them?

Richard tarrant
Mountain Top Studio,
New Zealand

I’m sure he means drusy quartz or some other mineral which grows
on a layer of rock kind of like icing on a cake…Dave

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Druzies? are’nt they the feelings you get after setting about
200 .01 pt diamonds??? :slight_smile:

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Hi Richard,

It doesn’t look like anyone else has responded yet, so I will.
Druzies (plural of ‘druzy’) are stones with a fine crystal
coating. They are usually left in a natural state, often looking
like a sugar coating on matrix. Psilomelane (sil-a-me-lane) is
pretty hot right now (black druzy), and so is cobaltocalcite,
a.k.a. the Pepto-Bismol stone. Guess what color it is?? :slight_smile: I
suppose you can really have a druzy of almost any mineral that
crystalizes, but a fine uniform coating of colorful crystals is
most desired.

Have a good day,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC