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West MI Orchidians


Ashley Rae Bodell 
Grand Rapids, MI. USA

I just joined the forum yesterday and ALSO happen to be from GR. I
wonder how many other West MI craftspersons are hanging around on

I’m here in Grand Haven and I know at least one other is.

Erich C. Shoemaker
Granulated Fine Art Jewelry

There are many of us out here. I am in Paw Paw.

Ginger Smietana

Ashley and Brandon, I am from Madison WI so other than a big lake,
we are kinda close.

But you raise a great question. How can we met with others nearby?

Just throwing this out there but maybe have a page on www. with maps so that when you click on a country or region
(or state for the bigger countries)you can see a list of people that
voluntarily listed their username as being from there? No addresses
or emails, just usernames from the forum so we can see who is nearby
so maybe we can meet up and talk shop over coffee.

I am not sure how doable this is. I know how much must go into
running such a large site already so if it is not doable, I
completely understand.

Thoughts on something similar or better??

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

My next 'travelling “Gem-Stone Setting” workshop will be in
GrandHaven, Michigan - Just
finished being in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I’ll be in MI May16th-18th
I’ll be returning for the third time to “Studio JSD”. Contact Julie
Sanford at 616-607-2470…Lot’s of gem-setting Please use
my name for reference, eh!

Gerry Lewy

Just moved to Kalamazoo! Cad designer and goldsmith :slight_smile:

Not from Western MI, but from Northern MI between Traverse City and
Charlevoix. I would like to make contact with others who are
interested in making jewelry.

I am currently setting up my studio and am still learning a lot. My
jewelry has sold in smaller shows in the past 5 years.

I have made arrangements for a teacher to come in for 2 days in
August to work on beginning stone setting. Currently, there are 2 of
us attending.

My house can host 1 or 2 more if someone is interested.

It would be great if those in the area could get together, work on
projects, and socialize.

Anyone out there interested?