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West Coast Antique & Period Jewelry Seminar

Hi All,

I’m sort of a ‘lurker’ here, and have decloaked long enough to
tell you about an educational opportunity that I thought some of
you might find of interest.

The West Coast Antique & Period Jewelry Seminar is a weekend
seminar for anyone with an interest in the history of jewelry and
jewelry-making that will be held this April 30 - May 2 in
Claremont, CA ( about 45 miles from LA ).

The seminar will be featuring lectures by Mary Lee Hu (amongst
others), a very well known contemporary jeweler, on the topics of
"Body Adornment as Personal Identity", and “Knitted, Knotted,
Twisted and Twined”.

Also featured will be: Elise Misiorowski, columnist for
Professional Jeweler magazine; Karen Lorene of Facere Jewelry Art
of Seattle, Wash.; Joyce Jonas, director of the annual Antique &
Period Jewelry & Gemstone Conference in Providence, R.I.;
Christie Romero, author of Warman’s Jewelry.

For further info, or to request a detailed brochure for this
event, contact Christie Romero directly at

Take care,

Patrick Kapty
Mad Jewelry
Garden Grove, CA