Welder prong repair do's and dont's

Hi all,
I finally have my Orion welder and am looking for more info on re-tipping claws as i cant find much online.
The users manual briefly brushes over prong repair and from what i can work out is entirely safe as long as the electrode is clean.
I have seen in videos that some people put hand cream over their stones but seen no explanation why - i assume as a protective barrier but is that against heat transfer or the soot from the weld?
Is there more of a risk with stones with corners, princess cut for example?
Obviously i will be practicing on smaller stones but when it comes to more expensive stones do people prefer to pull the stone and re-claw to eliminate any risk?

Hi, Jon,

I can’t help you directly – I’m still learning my Orion – but here are some resources that have helped me:

There’s a workbook on the Orion site that has a lot of great information. I can’t get a direct link, but if you go to orionwelders.com, click on Resources, click on Downloads, then scroll down to the Manuals section (on my computer it’s on the lower right), and directly under Pulse Are / Micro TIG Welding Systems is a link to “Pulse Arc Welding Workbook.”

There are also some webinar archives, also under Resources, that run about an hour and go quite in-depth for various tasks. I thought there was one on prongs, so be sure to check those out.

Otherwise, I have to agree, there is very little out there that is truly helpful for someone wanting to learn. There are some workshops given occasionally (MetalWerx has one if I recall) but they are far away from me, so I haven’t attended them.

I keep hoping some jeweler / artist who uses this technology will write a book or create a video or DVD. It’s very frustrating knowing one is spending hours reinventing the wheel.

There are a few jewelers on here (I believe) who know the Orion, and also a Facebook group for help. Maybe you can find help there? I haven’t checked in in months, though. (Because FB…:expressionless:)

Hope this helps. There’s such a fantastic potential in this technology!

Best of luck,


Hi Tricia,
Thankyou for the info. i will check it all out.
I did watch the sunstone webinar videos on youtube about Orion welders, the info was useful but left as many questions as answers if you know what i mean!
Im sure i can contact them with any queries but as you say, its frustrating reinventing the wheel and an in depth dvd by someone would be fantastic.
my main worry is if if there is any risk at all to gems. im ok breaking a few smaller stones as a learning curve but would be great to know if there are any limitations before i risk any expensive repairs…
If i find a great resource i will let you know!

Hello Jon, My name is Jason Davis, and I work for Orion Welders. I’m happy to coach you through some of these things, if you want to give me a call. I’m at 1-385-999-5214 or you can email me at Jason.davis@orionwelders.com. Thanks

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Protection from the soot is one sure thing BUT some stones just can’t support the discharge, like tourmalines, they become very brittle. If someone knows about other stones that can’t withstand the process… please tell others.

Thanks for the info DJay. I had a brief but informative conversation with Jason and ideally move claws away from stones before welding if possible. If not then turn the power down to 3, use fine wire and be careful with your angle of attack with the electrode.
Ive not yet had the chance to experiment as im still getting it set up but am looking forward to having a play!

I have an orion 150 S2 and it took me quite a while to get the hang of it, but at this point i could work without it. I have found so many applications. Good luck. Vince LaRochelle

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