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Welcome - william burnett

Welcome William
Nice to have you with us.

Casting articulated joints? I’d sure like to know more about
that ! Sol K.

Sol, perhaps I’m mistaken, but doesn’t ARTICULATED mean
"spoken?" Are you sure you don’t really mean “reticulated”
(heating metal until it looks like it has waves in it - usually
using a higher copper content sterling combination)??? Please
explain further . . . Sorry for the intrusion ;if I don’t know
of what I speak.

   Sol, perhaps I'm mistaken, but doesn't ARTICULATED mean

hi fishbre,

that is close. one meaning is well spoken. others are: jto speak
or enunciate clearly or to unite by joints or to form a joint.

for some reason i didn’t see sol’s post mentioning the word
’articulated’ though.

best regards,

geo fox

Thank you for the clarification, I had not heard the last
definition. . . guess, we’re all still learning! : )


I too use steam casting with great success and i am very happy
with it.I am interested in any info on casting articulated
joints. please let me know how to obtain this info.