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Welcome - Tom Tietze

Tom, Welcome to Orchid, I know you will thoroughly enjoy the
thoughtful, generous people on board here.

I noticed that you speak German. Here is a first request for you.
I have been trying to reach a company in Germany for some time, to
inquire about some of their dental products that they advertised in
a jewelry book! All I want is a catalogue of theirs, as well as
prices in American dollars. No one who answers the phone speaks
English, and they do not respond to my faxes. If you are willing to
help out, please let me know. You can e-mail me off Orchid if you

Thanks, and welcome!

Ruth from Los Angeles

Hi: Should you be still in need for assistance in German, or that
Tom is unable to help, please let me know. I speak German as well
and be glad to help as long as you have the dental company’s
address/name and/or other info. — They usually can be found on
the web as well.


Joe Bokor

Tom: Another way, is to just call your dentist! He can give you
the names and numbers to call for dental supplies here so you can
speak English. I am sure the co. has Distributors here. Pat, my
husband just retired from dentistry.