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Welcome - Tom Arnold

Welcome Tom. Where have your articles been published? Looking
forward to your future posts.

ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA

Welcome Tom, That’s quite an impressive history. I’m also in the
trade over 20 years. courious what publications? Don Wollwage in
sunny Northern Ca where everything is blooming.

40 years at the bench. Manufacturing, special-order work, repair,
antique jewelry restoration. All of these in gold and platinum,
some silver. About 8 years of writing how-to articles for the   trade.

Welcome Tom: It is good to have you in the forum. 40 years self
employed? Where are you located? It’s always a pleasure to have
people with as much “Hind Sight”. Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas

Hello Michael, I’ve spent about 12 yrs. working for other people,
the rest on my own. Right now, I own a retail store in Arlington,
Va. with my wife and daughter. Most of my time is spent at the
bench in the back room. I suppose I have a lot of “hindsight”. I’ve
surely made about every mistake known. Almost. Tom

Hi Don, I wrote mostly for “Goldsmith” and “Canadian Jewellers”,
occasionally for British publications. Tom

Hi Don, I wrote for several years for “Goldsmith”, a magazine
published in San Francisco. Also for “Canadian Jewellers” and
several publications in England.

Hi Nancy, I wrote for both “Goldsmith” and "Canadian Jewellers:
for some years. Also for various publications in England. Before
computers,but I can do this. I can. I can. I can.

Welcome Tom, I often wonder if there isn’t a better way to learn
other than by making mistakes. If there is a better way I’d like
to know it. I often tell my students that the real art of
jewellery is knowing how to fix mistakes and get out of
self-inflicted trouble. Regards, Rex from Oz