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Welcome - Steve Skoog

Hi Steve,

Welcome to Orchid.

Where’s Gridley, exactly? I grew up in Oakland, and spent a lot
of summers in the mountains up north, (Trinity Alps, etc…)

If you want to learn about faceting, you simply must subscribe
to faceter’s digest. Great people, a wealth of and
they’re happy to share.

To subscribe, email: Jerry Dewbre at



The Faceters Digest would be a great list for you to be on in
addition to Orchid. It deals solely with faceting. You join by
sending an email to Jerry Dewbre at: Also
check out the John Franke’s Facet Shoppe at There is a wealth of info for
faceters there!

Hale Sweeney’s Lapidary Digest is a winner too for all lapidary
arts except faceting! Subscribe by send a message to with the word SUBSCRIBE DIGEST as the
subject of the message.

And of course, you’re most welcome to subscribe to The Eclectic
Lapidary, a free monthly electronic magazine about the lapidary
arts, jewelry, collecting adventures, and lots more!

Best Wishes to All for the New Year!

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