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Welcome - Skye Chapman

Skye, Check the last issue of Lapidary Journal. There is a neat
artical in there about chocheting a small bag. Sally from “This
must be heaven, I’m in the Bluegrass of Kentucky!”

There is a relatively new book out about weaving wire and
something to do with textile effects in metal. The title may even
be Textiles in Metal or Textures in Metal but the author is Arline
Fisch. Just got out of the library recently and it probably would
be very helpful to you. Sorry I don’t remember the exact title.

Miki - The title of the book is “Textile Techniques in Metal”. The
book you are talking about is the second edition of a book that has
been out for many years. A lot of Arline’s students helped make
samples for the book (including myself).

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

Hi Rex and Gabrielle…

I would appreciate it if you would pass this info along to me as
well. I tried to weave a bracelet for a project in my jewelry arts
class… what a nightmare !!! there were some notes on the procesess
but not enuff for me to get the project done to my satisfaction,
and i would like to try it again in my store

thank you