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Welcome - Sharon F. Holt

Hey you and that guy who does witness photography should get
together and bind up a portofolio – like the one Tiffann’ys sent
be by one jewler; she had a thing going but a ltd showing in a 7 pg
front and back one to three oieces on apage.

I think I do a DTP job like for the money and the art because –
I’ll starve and I think it would be art to or itself – again
becoming Estate pieces-- because of the ltd hand wrought precise
look availed to ltd selections and a showing on paper takes a
yr/yrs to close out and you have a new portfolio that paid for
itself and the same in some of your finer – finest lifes works. A
monument andacheivement, monumental; think about the budgeting
mkt’ing and dtp is a pricey start up – thinking more this might
over 2.5-3 yrs in exoticmetals and stones w/ the one of a kind
catalogue and appeal of fine anyway. You’ld be able to buy a house,
or realize a jaguar… RS

Plan the plan work the plan; revise the plan work the plan
organize contol and staff, staff and organize control.Revise.