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Welcome - Rebecca Reimers Cristol

Hello out there.  I am primarily a jeweler, working in silver
and gold, occasionally doing sculpture and holloware.  I studied
with randy Long at Indiana, and have had studios in Bloomington,
Indiana; Oxford, England; and Davis, California.

Welcome Rebecca, You will find Orchid a marvelous resource with
many fine jewellers to talk to. I graduated from I.U. Bloomy,
when were you there? I hope you enjoy this list as much as I
do… it really is quite informative… and there is a search
engine at the ganoksin home page that will answer probably any
question you may ever have :slight_smile: Yours, Terry Swift Corydon, Indiana

Hello! I am a young student just starting in beading and making
beads and other intricate items in clay that gets baked. I have
future hopes of living and working in Oxford for at least a while.
Would you please let me know how you liked living and working
there? (Just to my current e-mail please.)

Johanna c/o