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Welcome - Pat Bloch

Hello Pat!

Welcome aboard… I imagined that you already took Orchid.
There’s a really helpful crowd of people in here although I’m not
a big contributor myself (much the same as my e-mails I guess).


Kerry McCandlish Jewellery - Celtic and Scottish styles
Commission/Custom Work undertaken…
Katunayake, Creagorry, Isle of Benbecula, HS7 5PG SCOTLAND
Tel: +44 1870-602-677 Fax: +44 1870-602-956 Mobile: +44 850-059-162

Hi, there, Pat. I think that we have some mutual friends! I
thought you lived in Tampa - surprised to see the Clearwater
address. You will really enjoy this forum - full of interesting
and many giving spirits. See ya’ Gini in Belleair
Bluffs, Fl.

Welcome Pat Bloch:

Nice to have you aboard. You will find this a useful forum. I
don’t know if I understand your “small concern” could you
elaborate? I lived in clearwater for 9 years and worked at
Honeywell Avionics. There are members of this forum that are
right around you.

Michael Mathews Victoria,Texas USA
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