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Welcome - Norma Paley

Hi Norma!

Glad to see you have found the list- I love it! Everyone, Norma
does a beautiful job with this group which I have been fortunate
enough to stumble upon here in Southern California. With MASSC
and ORCHID, I can’t go wrong!

Have you, Norma, or anyone else, received the mailing from SNAG
about the 30th anniversary conference in Seattle? Have any of
you been before? I really want to take all three days of
workshops, and then the three days of the conference, but it will
be quite expensive. What are your feelings about it? I would be
going there by myself, unless some of my Southern Calif. group
decide to go. If you’ve been before, is it worthwhile to stay
at the hotel where the conference is, or should I try to find a
cheaper one nearby? I really want to send in the registration
for the classes and conference today, but I think I have a little
more time on the hotel issue.

Thanks as usual for your help, and welcome, again Norma!

Ruth Shapiro

hi ruth,

i’ve never been, but have always wanted to go. i’ve a sister in
law who lives there so hotel is no prob for me, but moving to
ventura, starting a new business and expecting our third
presents a few obstacles.

lee marsall will be presenting and will certainly be worth
listening to.

others i’ve talked to about the conference have all said it is
very worthwhile.

best regards,

geo fox

Hi Ruth,

I am going to the SNAG conference for the first time but I am
meeting up with a friend I met at a workshop. She tells me the

  • stay at the main hotel
  • do not get the meal plan unless you hate to eat alone ( it’s
  • usually the room share plan is a great way to meet new people
    and cut expenses

My own advice is - make sure you really will get something
usefull from the workshops. For the price of the workshops and
the hotel & food you can take a really terrific class at
Touchstone for 5 days.

Maybe I will see you there…

Thanks for the message, Deb, regarding SNAG. What is
Touchstone? I know that the workshops are expensive, but all
except one touch on subjects that I’m interested in, and I
usually find that I get more useful from the other
attendees at the workshops, so the more, the merrier!



Touchstone is a craft school out in Pennsylvania, about an hour
and a half from Pittsburgh. They advertise in Metalsmith and
American Craft magazines, check there for phone, etc. The
workshops run all summer and I found it to be a terrific value.
For less than $500 I got the workshop, food, and lodging. They
get really marvelous teachers. Both of my classes were with Tim
McCreight and I can’t say enough good things about him. The
school is set among woods and a streams very near Frank Lloyd
Wright’s Falling Water ( a great little side trip if go there).
I love it there and would return again if I could fit into my
show schedule.

When you are deciding about the Seattle workshops, I seem to
recall that they were demos as opposed to hands on workshops.
Certainly if they pertain to your work they may be a good idea
since you are already spending the money to get there.

I hope this helps.

 Touchstone is a craft school out in Pennsylvania, about an
hour and a half from Pittsburgh.  

North? South? East? or West??? Any advice would be greatly
appreciated! Thanks!