[Welcome] New Members for September 8, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lorraine Marie Garcy
LMG Designs
Discovery Bay, CA. USA

Received a degree in metal smithing many years ago but took another
career path. Just now getting back into metals and finding lots of
changes. Looking forward to updating my skills, seeing what everyone
is doing, and just enjoying working/playing with metal again.

Blanche Herring Scharf
Art Jewelry by Blanche
Williamsburg, Virginia. USA

Hello All! I call myself “PMC lover” because I have been using this
medium since 2004 and realize it will never get old. Every day,
theres something new to explore- new material, new tool, new
technique. I look forward to sharing and problems with
other jewelry artists. I know solutions are easier with input from
other artisans who might have already dealt with whatever Im
experiencing. I also look forward to feeling less isolated as I enjoy
working in the solitude of my studio.

Igor N Pinkevich
San Diego, CA. USA

I am a digital sculptor specializing in the creation of
sophisticated organic 3D jewelry designs and miniature sculptures.
There are many 3D jewelry designers in the jewelry industry, but
there are very few who can deliver professional, realistic, and
organic 3D forms. I have experience in creating a wide variety of 3D
models like figurines, portraits, animals, and nature pieces. My 14
years of experience in 3D design and sculpting allows me to offer my
clients a very high degree of quality at affordable rates.

Sharyl D Short
Swany Designs
Springfield, OR. USA

I am new to jewelry making and started as I bacame interested in
lampworking and the jewelry seemed like the next logical step. I
have been soaking up as much info as I can get my hands on for the
last 2 years. I worked in lampworking for 3 years and then started
in the jewelry making and currently go back and forth. I own a
medical supply business for a living (yes I can get good deals on
oxy concentrators once in a while-LOL) but love jewelry making. I am
to the point where I would like to get involved in classes etc. I am
also interested in finding deals on good used equipment. I have been
to this site several times and find it informative and helpful.

Yvonne Kristel
Crystal Flair
Kwinana Town Centre, Western Australia


I am currently a part time jewellery and object design student who
finds it hard to find the time to progress with my jewellery studies.
To this effect I am in the process of changing my home based business
direction to hopefuly allow me more time to indulge my joy in