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[Welcome] New Members for September 8, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Jon C Winge
Orinda, CA. USA

After a 30 year hiatus I am building the shop of my dreams as I move
back into jewelry design and manufacturing (lost wax) upon my
retirement on August 1, 2010. My plan is to resume my craft between
now and then by brushing up on my skills, get my studio/shop
functioning efficiently and receive som e training to increase my
skill levels.

Suzanne Jean Linquist
Red Circle Metals
Junction City, Oregon. USA,

I’ve been in jewelry making for 30 years. I’ve done a wide range of
work, ranging from commercial trade work to gallery pieces to
teaching in community colleges. Recently, I’ve started working in
the wholesale craft market. My company is Red Circle Metals and the
pieces are primarily lathe turne d and carved ebony and silver.

Donna M Rourke
TorchSong Metal
Waltham, MA. USA


My name is DonnaMarie Rourke. I have a small silversmithiung
business with a studio in my home. I’ve been operating for two years
at home.I work with mostly silver,semi-precious stones, pearls,
beach stones and beach glass.

I was formerly a professional dancer. Due to an injury I cannot
dance and looked for a creativity outlet. Luckily I found
silversmithing. I’ve been hooked ever since I took that first
beginners class eight years ago. I’m always searching for ways to
improve and expand what I do. I still go to my mentor for help and

Jean McWilliams
Hallowell, ME. USA

I just love to pound metal!!

Donna Shepherd
Old Town, Fl. USA

I am a jewelry artist in training…Working with copper is my metal
of choice. I enjoy working and encompassing found objects in my