[Welcome] New Members for September 7, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

David Rennie Cruickshank
DR&L Cruickshank
Gosford, NSW. Australia


I have been in business as a jeweller and silversmith for 40 years,
first in London and subsequently in Australia. Teaching from time to
time in various colleges in both England and in Australia. I do a
wide range of work (one has to make a living) as a jeweller and
silversmith in gold and silver and titanium. I started working in
titanium and 18ct gold about 30 years ago and make a range of rings
using titanium and precious metals. I have a well equipped, messy,
workshop in the Central Coast of NSW Australia. I hope to publish all
my teaching notes on Ganoksin in the next year.

Christina Bjenning
Sea Cliff, New York. USA

Soulful, Raw and Ethereal Designs in metals, stone and leather.
Seeking that fleeting balance between perfection and feeling. Oh
snap! Producing one beautiful gold ring generates five tons of
environmental waste. I use only reclaimed fair trade metals.

Lemmeseeefreedom-loving, enchanted by the art of imperfection and
mallet-fingered to the point of being veritably unemployable
combined with a strong affinity to metals, all creatures great and
small and an eco-friendly lifestyle there seems to be only this one
thing left for me to do. I design to music. I design for The Lord.

I write a little more heRe:


Paul Grasso
West Milford, NJ. USA

My cousin is a jeweler. Through talking with him I got interested in
the art. He introduced me to Ganoksin, and I’d like to be able to
follow it via email.

Michelle Lambert
Conception Bay South, Canada

I am a full-time jewellery maker with my main medium being sterling
wire and gemstones - Labradorite and dichroic glass in particular. I
also do some bead stringing using semi-precious stones, crystals and
freshwater pearls.

Jonathan Allen Baker
Greenfield, IN. USA

I’m a hobbiest gemstone carver, lapidarist. I’m trying to combine
the polished stones with jewelry smithing.