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[Welcome] New Members for September 6, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Kate Paradis Hubley
Pointe-Claire, Quebec. Canada

Hi - I am a Montreal-based goldsmith, designer and FGA gemmologist
who couldn’t be happier surrounded by all things shiny. My bench is
my happy place, and I get the biggest thrill learning new tricks and
techniques. #NeverStopLearning is my motto.

Joseph G Orlando
Rumford, Rhode Island. USA

I am currently looking for a new opportunity. Formerly managed the
Gemstone Division at Stuller, Inc. for 14 years and most recently at
Quality Gold.

Bill C Wardlow
Bellvue, Colorado. USA

I have been involved with miniatures for about 55-60 years, mostly
as a fine artist doing highly detailed work in small formats, as
well as a custom model maker (as opposed to builder). I have worked
in precision optics as well. I’ve been soldering since I was in
single digits and welding in all formats for 50 years. My wife has
been collecting (we’ve been buying!) Southwestern style jewelry for
a looong time. Just why I haven’t put my abilities into jewelry, I
don’t know. But, here we go! I have a whole lot to learn, and I know
it, but I enjoy this sort of challenge. Also, I have about 66% of the
tools already from my other endeavors. Oh yeah, I owned an
automobile restoration business until I wised up, sold it, and

I’m on the hunt for a good torch and am trying to avoid cheap
knockoffs, especially with the Smith torch. Any advice? I’m open to
any torch brand. Please help a novice.

Tracey Sheppard
Petaluma, CA. USA

I am new to the art of gold smithing and I am loving every minute of
it. It is something I have long learned to do having watched my
grandmother produce beautiful pieces of jewelry. I am currently
working on a line of jewelry and hope to begin selling my pieces

John Mason Indorf
Madison, Connecticut. USA

John Indorf is a JA Certified Master Jeweler working for Peter
Indorf Jewelers in Madison, CT. John grew up in Meriden, CT, and
graduated from Platt High School in 1976. He began his jeweleres
career working for Peter until 1980. He decided at that time to go
out on his own, and was self-employed until 1984 when he moved to
California with his wife. John worked as a precision machinist
making replacement parts for military aircraft for eleven years.
During this time period he learned about CAD applications and CNC
programming, along with a strong understanding of applying precision
concepts to his work. With this knowledge he returned to Connecticut
and received his JA Certified Master Jeweler status. He also became
a Certified CAD/CAM Specialist from Gemvision a few years later. In
1995 he returned to work for Peter Indorf Jewelers where he is
currently employed as the primary resident jeweler creating fine
custom jewelry in platinum, gold and John is married and
has a son in college.