[Welcome] New Members for September 5, 2014

Please welcome our newest members…

Neila Smith-Dorfman
Nyack, New York. USA

I am a jewelry arts student and artisan, in the learning, growing,
imagining and building phase of a sole proprietorship as a jewelry
artisan. There’s a mouthful!

Karen A Tellefsen
Millington, NJ. USA

Make Jewelry for fun

Tom Didcott
Beauly, Highlands. UK

I design and make contemporary jewellery using sterling silver or
pewter. I use a vast array of different techniques in order to
produce eye catching jewellery with rich textures and patterns. I’m
a very creative person and l express myself through my jewellery
designs, most of which are unique “one of a kind” pieces.

My favourite way of creating designs is to use hand carved
cuttlefish bone/shell. The shell has a delicate texture that is very
easy to carve into in order to create my designs and it gives
excellent results when Its cast with different metals.

Each piece of sterling silver jewellery is tested by Edinburgh Assay
Office, hallmarked and then stamped with my makers mark,
guaranteeing the content, purity and quality of the silver.