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[Welcome] New Members for September 4, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Candace Connell Catoe
Lexington, SC. USA

I am a elementary Visual Arts teacher in South Carolina. Making
mixed metals jewelry is an avocation I have too little time for but
work at whenever possible. Recently I’ve been working on weaving
pieces of silver, copper and brass that have been texturized in a
rolling mill. The only problem is I have to use the rolling mill at
the local university Art department. I’m looking for a good used
rolling mill.

Cynthia woodford Cameron
Cynthia Cameron Design
Syracuse, NY. USA

I am Cynthia Cameron and I have started a small boutique-style,
limited-production jewelry company. I make spiritually healing works
of wearable art. I use a variety of metals, including fine and
sterling silver, copper, shibuichi, titanium, and brass. I love
color and design, and a variety of materials such as gemstones,
crystals, shells, feathers, pearls and fiber to incorporate with my

I have training in metal-smithing and I am a certified metal clay
artist. My goal is to expand my metal smithing skills to take my
work to another level. I will be working with a master goldsmith and
am looking forward to soaring to new heights. It has taken me over a
year to find someone who could mentor me.

Even though I signed up with Ganoksin previously, I was brand new to
the jewelry industry and didn’t have many skills or a good idea of
the direction I planned on taking. It has been the most exciting
journey of my life and I plan to continue learning and growing for
at least the next 20 or 30 years, which is saying something, since I
had a 33 year career as a banker in my first career. I love this
group and have learned many things. I hope to be a able to pass on
my knowledge someday to this group as all of the generous people on
this group now do.

Nick Johnson
Hull, UK

Trying to make a return to jewellery making but full time work and
moving all over makes this a bit difficult.

I’ve no longer got a workshop and will be doing work that requires
less heating for safety reasons. So looking more into mechanical
joints and connections. So hopefully some interesting works in the
pipe line.

Liz G Rowntree
Handmade Gemstone Jewelry
Melbourne, Australia

Hi Everyone, I enjoy making jewelry and playing the piano and
trumpet. Thanks!