[Welcome] New Members for September 29, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Jacqueline C Haywood
Wiarton, Ontario. Canada

I have been working in Jewelry for over 20 years mainly repairs,
looking to expand myself a bit.

Peggy I Neer
Defiance, MO. USA

Hi I’m a retired CSI with 31 years experience in that field and as a
fingerprint expert. I became interested in jewelry making several
years ago and absolutely love working with metal. I appreciate the
abilities of all in this field and am constantly searching for
If I can contribute to this network, I certainly will.
Thank you.

Catherine Crowe
Emporium Vitreum
Toronto, ON. Canada

I have been enameling for over 25 years. FOr many years I focused on
champleve, using a ferric chloride etch, but lately I have been
captivated by painted techniques - in particular grisaille - and
cloisonne. For these I need more metalworking skills, like soldering
and bezel making which are entirely new to me (for my champleve
pieces I sweat solder findings in the kiln). So I hope I will have
something to offer and something to learn. I teach enamelling and
have an on-line enamel supply business that is directed at the
Canadian market.

Tracey Lorraine Falvey
Par, Cornwall. UK

I am a student at Plymouth college of art studying applied arts
foundation degree. I have just started my third year part time
specializing in small scale metals and jewellery. I was told about
this site by one of my lecturers for research purposes and
techniques and video demonstrations.

Justin Perez
Bronx, NY. USA

I am Jewelry caster with 20 years of experience. I am interested in
learning more about CAD designing. I have to say that I love this