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[Welcome] New Members for September 29, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Rochelle Kelly
San Leandro, USA

Work for

Katy Bergman Cassell
Fine Arts Center.
Greenville, SC. USA

I am an enamelist and metalsmith who also teaches. I teach at the
best high school metals program I have ever seen.

Nancy R Alexanian
Worcester, MA. USA

I’ve been making jewelry for many years. Having had a set back with
cancer, I am now ready to return to the world of jewelry making as
well as a lapidary artist. Lapidary, however, is a bit more
important to me. The art of making my own gems and unique cabochons
is the focus of how I use my precious metals. I do not as of yet
have my own website. This is soon to come. I’m just very excited now
to get back to my love making wearable art.

Jeni Buckingham
Wadsworth, OH. USA

Self -taught, I’m inspired by anything from art nouveau to the BBQ
swirl left on my plate.

Katherine Liana Miess
KM Jewelry Studio
West Seneca, NY. USA

I work four days a week running a small jewelry store. Two days a
week I explore my true passion making my own art jewelry in my
growing home studio. I work with mainly with silver, but love
working with gold if the opportunity permits.

I went to school for jewelry design. I use many different techniques
in my work. I am always looking for new approaches, great design,
and people that share my passion for craft and design.

Sarah Greenberg
Oakland, USA

I am a jewelry designer in the midst of launching my company

Jay Simmons
La Canada, CA. USA

Raised in South America and the East Coast. Self taught in lapidary.
Lapis, turquoise, sugalite, charoite, fossilized ivory and dinosaur
bones are just a few of the many materials used in fabricating my
pieces. As a silversmith, I had the opportunity to learn from several
accomplished artists. Richard Tsosie, a Navajo specializing in
inlay/overlay, is credited with being the first Native American
jeweler to develop “Granulation” texturing to his fabricated pieces.
Michael Kabotie (Lomawywesa) and Lawrence Saufkie, both Hopi Artist,
have over 90 years experience between them in overlay fabrication!
And Bounyou “Bon” Paphatsarang is a walking encyclopedia and master
of so many techniques. I utilize many of their styles and techniques
in creating designs that reflect influences from South America, the
South, and Southwest.