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[Welcome] New Members for September 26, 2008

Please welcome our newest members!

Kondo Mihoko
Kanagawa, Japan

We makes Custom tags on silver, goldfilled, gold, titanium etc using
Metaza direct printing.

Remo Souza
Belo Horizonte, Brazil


Perriann Knapton
Littleton, NH. USA

Hello fellow artists, I have been interested in forming my own
designs in metal for years and have not extended myself to feel free
to experiment. I’m a perfectionist and trying to let loose on that
to put my ideas into form. I have only done beading in the past many
years ago due to developing arthritis in my hands from my job as an
optician, making eyeglasses. I will be trying to learn to metal work
without the use of my thumbs, hmmmm…may be a difficulty.

Ron P. Riggs
Ron-R’s Jewelry Repair
Bowling Green, KY. USA

I’m a bench jeweler to the trade here in Bowling Green,KY. I’m much
more comfortable at the bench than at the computer. I’m 51 years old
and been at the trade since 1982(and at the computer since May
2008). I bought one of the first Rofin-Baasel Laser welders in Oct.
2001 and had to pretty much train myself at that time, but Don Brown
of San Diego,CA and Justin McCamis of Boxboro,MA were great help and
tech support. I Learned the trade in the 'school of hard knocks’
trained on the job at Downey Designs Intl. by Garry Miller of Saftey
Harbor, FL and Tony Underwood of Dandridge, TN and Craig Carter of
Bowling Green, KY. I started my own repair business on April 15, 1996
at the insistence of my then employer and teacher, Craig Carter. He
did the retail end of the business and I took the trade end (that’s
the job that pays 1/3 of what the retail guy gets and none of the
credit). But I love the freedom of self employment, and especially
working those 1/2 days (24 hrs in a day). The work I do must pass
the test because it is still coming in strong after all these years.
I have been behind the counter in my early years in the jewelry
business and been cussed because of the work the bench jeweler did,
and I don’t want that person at the counter today taking a cussing
because of my work. That is what drives my standard of excellence.So
hello Y’all and I hope you can help me be a better craftsman and
businessman, because I believe we are looking at a new era in the
trade in America.