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[Welcome] New Members for September 17, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Sarah L Hudnall
Bonners Ferry, Idaho. USA

I have been doing Schrimshaw & Silver Jewelry for 15 yrs. and so
thankful for Ganoksin over the years. The knowlage that goes through
here is priceless. I work on Fossilized Walrus Ivory, then set with
Silver & would like to be able to afford gold but not yet.

Sheryl Dahl
Jubilee Jewelry Store
Eagan, MN. USA

I’ve just started making jewelry this year, and am getting ready to
roll out a Website and an Ebay store (to begin with) within the next
month. I’d rather be making jewelry than working on a Website,
taking photographs, and writing text.

I believe that I have developed a needed niche in the industry,
specializing in the following:

Hypoallergenic jewelry, One-of-a-kind designs, Lightweight materials,
Sizes and lengths to fit everyone

These ideas grew out of my own frustration with the boxes full of
earrings that I own, but can’t wear because of metal sensitivities.
They may have said “Hypoallergenic” on the label, but they caused my
ears to itch and turn red within 1/2-hour of wearing them. I finally
learned that anyone can buy 1,000 earring cards that say…
anything, but that’s not necessarily the truth. The average person
doesn’t know that there’s not an industry “standard” for this. I’m
making French wires and hoops out of various hypoallergenic metals,
and testing everything on myself.

One of the other frustrations that started me out in the
jewelry-making business is that I’m a larger woman, and I’ve had a
trouble buying necklaces and bracelets over-the-counter that will
fit, without using the extension chain (ugh). The whole world does
NOT wear a size 7" bracelet, and a 16-18" necklace! I’m making all
sizes of necklaces and bracelets, in various price ranges, including
both larger sizes and more petite sizes. Also, most of my necklaces
and bracelets include sterling silver and other hypoallergenic metal
findings for anything that will touch the skin.

Along with the hypoallergenic metals, I’ve also searched for
unusual, light-weight components - especially for earrings - like
blown glass, acrylic & metalized plastics, wood, and others. My goal
is to create larger looking pieces, without the weight and
irritation that the “real” thing might cause against the skin. That
includes developing designs that hang, but don’t “swing”. For
example, I like to use stationary, snap-bar hoop earrings as a base
to many of my earrings, instead of all wire hoops.

So far, the jewelry that I’ve sold has been by word-of-mouth
referrals. I’m looking forward to sharing marketing ideas here, as
well as on suppliers and jewelry making techniques.


Patti Tostenson
Hollywood, CA. USA

I started making jewelry about 9 years ago and for the past 3 years
haven’t done much due to circumstances beyond my control. I am now
making time to better my skills and regularly create new treasures.
I mostly work in silver and sometimes copper, I blacken most of my
work as i want them to look old. I am looking forward to the next
steps in this journey.