[Welcome] New Members for September 17, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Arvis Dionne
New Haven, CT. USA


Native American/Metis Artist: Quahog Wampum and Sterling Silver

Joel Sheinbaum
Ramat Gan, Israel

Semi retired. Studying jewelry making second year. Gemology
graduate. Still at the stage of general interest.

Laura E Graham
Lilly’s Bead Box
Knoxville, TN. USA


I have worked in the jewelry business for about 4 years now and am
looking to expand my career and skill set. I am currently a student
at the University of Tennessee, but would like to transfer to a
jewelry design school.

MoiraLynn Mefein
Elemental Originals
Daytona Beach, FL. USA

Began making jewelry as a kid in the 50s, when rick-rack earrings
and gar-scale brooches were all the rage. Got away from it for somke
years, though I never really quit creating designs. Got back into it
in my thirties and was able to develop some interest from shops, but
surviving and feeding the kids got in the way. Kept on designing,
mostly in my head. Got back to it in my late 50s, and don’t intend
to ever get away again. I’ve learned to love the way the metals talk
to me, the sound of the torch, and the challenge of designing
complex pieces (even when my skills can’t keep up with my designs.)

Currently I’m working in silver, but am expanding into some
non-precious metals as well. I’ve created a line of “Hammered Feet"
© for walkers and runners that seems to be taking off. My lacy
"Pathways” pendants also seem to be gaining interest, so I’m hopeful
for them as well. (They start as 18 or 20 inches of wire, chopped
into tiny pieces. That’s then randomly bent, and the resulting
fragments re-assembled. The idea? No matter how many dead ends life
brings, there can still be a beautiful result.

I do some occasional beading, mostly for fun and small craft shows.
Also enjoy wire wrap and wire sculpture when the stones work…but
my best love will always be metal-smithing.