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[Welcome] New Members for September 16, 2010

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Stacy M Niemi
Stacys Fine Jewelry
Virginia, MN. USA

I’m Stacy, of Stacy’s Fine Jewelry, and have been in business for
the last 14 yrs and started without any previous experience. I’ve
learned how to repair jewelry after a miserable UPS loss and was
determined to never have that happen again. Years later, I purchased
and still own my love, my Laser star welder. I was reluctant at first
due to the expense, but wouldn’t change that decision for anything
now. Then in the Fall of 2007, I made the choice to purchase the
Matrix program and the REVO B milling machine. Unfortunately, one
month after training, my body decided to let me know what was going
on “inside” and sent me into what has now been a spiral of medical
problems with my spine. I’ve experienced 2 spinal fusions within 2
yrs and much to my dismay, I must sell my milling machine. I rarely
got any usage from it, again my health decided that, but really want
to see it go to a great home. I truly believe you can make some
serious money as that was my plan to liquidate my retail store and
move into custom and concentrate on repairs rather than be at the
mercy of a vendor to get me the piece I need. I’ve spoken to those at
Gemvision and have found that all parts, accessories and even
training is still available. There aren’t as many classes scheduled
as previously, but there ARE classes available. So, if you’re in the
market for this milling machine, please contact me. We can even take
1/2 now and 1/2 at Christmas. I’m looking for 13K, again, I was told
this price is very reasonable. I hope there’s the right owner out
there, well, I’m sure there is. I have all the original packing
material. Let’s find it a great home and you too can be making your
own jewelry!! Stacy

Naomi Lawlis
Abilene, TX. USA

I am a slave to all things jewelery! I love working with beads,
wire, polymer clay and rough gems. I have traveled all over the
world, collecting artifacts and pieces to use in my obsession. I
just retired and now can devote all my time to the art of the bead
and clay! I currently live in Texas, but have lived in Seattle, Taos,
Tucson and Santa Fe. I have considering relocating back to Santa Fe
or Seattle. Love to chat with anyone on my obsession!