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[Welcome] New Members for September 12, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Donna Gomez Saur
Olney, MD. USA

Beginner taking introductory course in jewelry fabrication at
Creative Metalworks.

Katharina Federer
Waterloo, ON. Canada

Hi there. I’ve been getting back into jewelry design after taking a
break for several years. Prior to my sabbatical, I was selling my
work in a number of popular stores in the Vancouver area. I am
(always) a metalsmith in learning mode, having participated in some
formal training, and beyond this, teaching myself.

Suzanne Rodger
Derby, Derbyshire. UK

As an art student, then teacher, my respiratory problems banned me
from jewellery work. At one point, I was making paper jewellery for
the National Trust, here in England…how desperate is that!

Recently, I learned about Argentium that doesn’t need to be pickled.
It has been love at first strike of the hammer. As the only woman in
a large family who can wear sterling, enjoying myself with Argentium
has made me very popular. My daughters are even impressed enough to
tell their friends where their new bling has come from.

Some told me I was only attracted to Silversmithing because I
couldn’t have it. Now, the way I feel when starting a new project
tells me I am finally doing what I was meant to. Better late than
never. I am so grateful to all the wonderful people on the web who
share their experience and expertise with struggling beginners like
me, and the wonderful people who made Argentium available.

Carol Kornievsky
Flight of Light
Irvine, CA. USA

I have been building my skills for the past three years and now have
begun to sell my designs.

Richard Paille
Richard Paille Jewelry
Seattle, WA. USA

My jewelry career began in 1970. Following college and a tour in the
Army I opened a small studio in Seattle, WA where I did jewelry
repair for the public and wholesale trade. I was also taking classes
with the G.I.A. studying diamonds, colored stones and gem

Later, I moved to a new, Seattle location and opened a traditional
jewelry store, Dick Paille Jewelry, inc. Working long hours at the
bench, in the stores manufacturing shop, plus managing employees,
meeting with customers and what seemed like constant sales reps made
for long hours. Six day work weeks were typical.The 70s
weredemanding but rewarding years in my early career where Ilearned
the business end of the jewelry business as well as continued to
hone my bench skills.

Years later I sold the store to follow an inner call to design
jewelry for a national market selling my work at trade shows, retail
stores and Galleries around the country.

In 1991 a new opportunity arose and I became involved in pearl
farming in the Cook Islands and started the business, South Pacific
Pearls International.

Eventually my jewelry background merged with several non-jewelry
interests. I formed a small film crew and we traveled to Australia
to shoot a documentary on opal mining entitled “Fire Down Under: The
Hunt For Australian Opal.” This first project led to another
documentary about pearl farming called “A Gift From Neptune: The
Black Pearls Of Manihiki.” The years traveling to the South Pacific
were an exciting period in my career.

In 2003 I started Pacific Digital Studio to continue my interest in
multimedia and support talks I give on pearls and other jewelry

By 2008 I wanted to reduce my traveling and find ways to share my
career experiences with others. That desire led to starting a
jewelry making school, Learn2MakeJewelry which I operate today. I
also consult on jewelry issues and am producing various jewelry
making tools to be sold through tool & findings suppliers.

Im also an avid fly fisherman, love to build things, hunt for
mushrooms am a life long amateur radio operator, wine lover and

Heather Dee Seawright
Kingfisher Girl
Watervliet, MI. USA

I am an artist and jewelry maker from Oklahoma currently living in
Michigan. I am a member of Chartreuse Art Co-op in St. Joseph, MI.
My current mission is to experience and learn as much as I can. In
addition to jewelry I do collage, mixed media, and found object

Christine Durbin
O Fallon, MO. USA

I’m a stay at home Mom of 2 great kids. After leaving my 11 year
career working with children & adults with developmental
disabilities, & children who had been abused & neglected to become a
SHM, I needed something to feed my soul to stay balanced. Don’t get
me wrong, I LOVE staying home with my kids, but I also need that
sense of accomplishment & productivity, because Lord knows, there is
very little “thanks” in cooking, laundry, & cleaning up toys for the
100th time of the day!!

There are very few mediums in the creative arts I have yet to
attempt…well maybe glass blowing (but I was offered an opportunity
to try!) LOL! I am a beginner who has been teaching myself the craft
of metalwork and jewelry making after a craft project with a local
organization sparked my interest.

I opened a shop on in 2011, to make some money while I was
spending so much buying supplies, and craving to learn more (learn
by doing, right?)! Metal work is the only artform I have really
enjoyed for more than a week (short atttention span), and seek to
learn every aspect to better my designs and knowledge of the field.
I am in awe of those of you who have been creating for years, and
have hopes of continuing to learn from your experience.